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Charmzone control cream exfoliant picture
Charmzone control cream exfoliant picture

Charmzone Control Cream Exfoliant

R 420

Charmzone Control Cream is a skin care system that adds new dimension and an innovative concept. It performs the multi-functional tasks so that the essence dimension adds to the control cream. Not only will it massage and provide nutrients to the skin, but it will also control the secretion of sebum. It also enhances the skin protection function to keep the skin in its optimal condition. The new ingredient of Cytokines gets your skin Auto-protection. It controls hyperactivity in sebaceous glands to prevent overproduction of sebum and allows the skin to quickly absorb moisture. It keeps the skin feeling trouble-free, pleasant and healthy.

It melts impurities from pores without scrubbing. Maintains the skins natural balance of oils and moisture by utilising cytokine, which intensifies the skin’s self control function.

Step 1: Controls hyperactivity in the sebaceous glands to prevent overproduction of sebum and allows the skin to quickly absorb moisture.

Step 2: Helps to induce the skins own production of Natural Moisturizing Factor.

Step 3: Maintains optimal skin conditions by balancing the skins oil and moisture levels in the skin.

Step 4: The essence ingredient provides enriched nutrition.


How to use 


1. Wash your face with a cleanser

2. Place a good amount on your face (thick enough to keep your face moist, but thin enough not to be too much). Keep on your face for a good 5-7 minutes, or until you can feel it slightly tingle.

By this time, the cream turns from a white lotion texture to more of a clear, watery oil (which is why you don't want to put too much on your face... it will start dripping in your eyes).

2. Start rubbing your face with your fingers in a circular motion. For a few minutes, nothing will happen. But then all of a sudden, you will feel graininess. Those are your white/blackheads coming out!

4. Wipe your face with a tissue to take off all of the white/blackheads and remove your face of excess oil

5. Wash your face again. After it's dry, your skin is so moist and supple

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