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ILLUMINAR Transdermal patches is an advanced skin technology that allows for the effective transfer of the active ingredients from a patch directly into the blood stream through the skin.

Using advanced transdermal technology, ILLUMINAR patches provide the optimal dose of Glutathione through patch administration with an absorption rate of almost 98%.

Transdermal drug delivery is the non-invasive delivery of active ingredients through the skin surface. Transdermal patch technology has been used for many years in the medical field to deliver specific doses of medication through the skin and directly into the bloodstream.

ILLUMINAR transdermal patches are sold as 30 patches in a box, which lasts one month. A single patch is used for a minimum of 8 hours up to maximum of 24 hours.

ILLUMINAR patches encourage a radiant, flawless skin tone and effectively lighten ones complexion.


How do ILLUMINAR patches lighten the skin?

ILLUMINAR patches lighten the skin by reducing the melanin formation of the epidermis going up into the dermis.
Glutathione is proven to revert the melanin’s metabolism turning dark pigmentation (eumelanin into light pigmentation (pheomelanin) inhabits and blocks tyrosinase , the enzyme responsible for the production of dark melanin pigment. The end product becomes pheomelanin (reddish – white pigmentation) instead of eumelanin (dark brow pigmentation). A continuous and consistent supply of glutathione through ILLUMINAR patches will result to skin lightening to correct skin coloring.

ILLUMINAR lightens the skin by reducing the melanin formation of the epidermis (lower skin layers) going up to the dermis (upper skin layer).

Side Effects? There are NONE!

Why? Because its ability to lighten the skin is already its side-effect. There is also no harm in prolonged use. It is advisable to reduce smoking and alcohol consumption for maximum benefit and results.

ILLUMINAR patches do not sensitise the skin however the use of a high SPF sunscreen on exposed parts of your face and body are highly recommended.



Each ILLUMINAR Patch contains a 300mg Glutathione Blend of:

200mg L- Glutathione

100mg Vitamin C

ILLUMINAR patches are hypo-allergenic.

With our patches the added Vitamin C increases the absorption rate of the Glutathione into your system, so that you can see and feel the results faster.



Apply one patch every alternate day for the first week, thereafter apply one patch daily.

One can use up to 3 patches per day if required (recommended for larger individuals), please see below on dose increasing process.

Increasing the dosage should be gradual and followed as per process below:

1. After using one patch per day for 2 months, increase to 2 patches a day.

2. After a 2 further months, you may increase to a maximum of 3 patches per day. *Please note: increasing the dose should only be done after consulting with a Doctor or a Skin Candy consultant.

Inside your box you will receive an insert that provides information regarding how to use the patch i.e. areas of placement, how often to use it and how to remove it.

Areas of placement include:

How to use ILLUMINAR Patches

The patch can be placed on the lower tummy area, lower hip, upper back, upper arm or wrist area.

For sensitive or darker skin individuals it is recommended that you use a firmer area like the wrist.

How to apply:

Apply one patch on dry, clean skin that is free from any body lotion.

The waterproof patch must be used for a minimum of 8 hours up to a maximum of 24 hours.

Preferable to apply at night before going to bed or after your shower or bath in the morning, replaced the following day at the same time.

Removing the patch:

To ensure proper removal of the patch and avoid skin irritation, remove under warm running water with soap and remove any additional glue adhesive left on the skin with either baby oil or body oil.

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