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New! turmeric & honey brightening soap picture

NEW! Turmeric & Honey Brightening Soap

R 120

Organic turmeric soap infused with honey, turmeric, and glycerine. It has antioxidant, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

This soap bar is hypoallergenic and PH balanced. Reduces acne scarring, prevents future breakouts, helps heal sunburnt skin, promotes smooth and elastic skin, and gives you a natural glow. 

Lightens dark marks, hyperpigmentation and brightens skin tone.

Suitable for ALL skin types - Day/ Night 

This product is: -Vegan -Paraben-free -Gluten-free -Alcohol-free -Silicone-free -Cruelty-free 

Directions for Use 

Make sure your face is wet and well-rinsed before you wash it with bar soap. Your hands should be clean before you begin. Work the soap into a nice lather and apply it to your face with your hands. Gently massage it into your skin with a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Rinse with water. Can be used on the body

 Ingredients: Tumeric, Honey, Glycerine 



Further info:

A brightening face and body soap with the essence of Turmeric and honey  lightens the complexion, reduces pigmentation, promotes glowing skin, and protects the skin.

Can be used on both the face and body. Wet skin with warm water, gently apply the soap to create a lather and rinse clean. Store in a cool, dry place to avoid quick melting of the soap.

A herbal cleansing treatment for dull, damaged, and hyper-pigmented skin. Turmeric and honey are powerful antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent that lightens skin tone, reduces pigmentation, and heals blemishes. 

• Heals acne, blemishes, and pimples
• Lightens marks and scars
• Brightens skin tone
• Repairs sunburn damage
• Nourishes and protects

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