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Skin and hair use

When our bodies change, sometimes it comes with certain skin conditions like stretch marks. Stretch marks are scars that develop on the skin due to rapid weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and puberty. During the initial stages, stretch marks may range from pink, red, and reddish-brown depending on your colour. Stretch marks usually fade and sink beneath the skin. 

A stretch mark is the result of the collagen and elastin in the dermis, under the skin cell layer, rupturing (essentially, tearing beneath the skin). As the area heals, you’re left with stretch marks.

This cream contains key ingredients like shea butter,cocoa butter,coconut oil,almond oil,vitamins A,E, and essential oils that help boost collagen production and improve elasticity. A great way to fade your scars is by massaging in circular motions on the areas until absorbed, at least twice a day to improve the suppleness of your skin.

For best results, use the  Half cast oil- and consider our glutathione supplements and collagen powder to boost repair. 

Exfoliate the area twice a week.



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