Brightening wokali exfoliating face & skin gel - collagen picture
Brightening wokali exfoliating face & skin gel - collagen picture

Brightening Wokali Exfoliating Face & Skin Gel - Collagen

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Moisturises & Nourishes Skin

Gentle Exfoliator Without Scrubbing Compounds 

Gentle Exfoliating Gel removes away dead cells. 
Moisturises and Nourishes Skin. 
Improves rough surface. 
Offers smooth and brighter skin tone. 

Collagen has anti-aging and skin firming benefits
Provides nourishment to the skin. 
Gives fresh clear and beautiful skin. 
A peeling gel improves skin flexibility. 
Gives your face and body a delightful Radiant Glow. 

Exfoliating Gel that gently removes dead skin layers to reveal smooth, radiant skin. When excessive aged and dead skin cells deposit on top of your skin, they can prevent healthy skin from breathing. They clog and enlarge the pores, causing blackheads and acne. Exfoliating Gel regularly helps wipe away the dead skins and reveals the smooth, radiant, newly formed skins. Exfoliating Gel to make your skin new, bright and healthy. This clear, light, refreshing gel buffs off your aged skin cells and dirt. It enhances the natural metabolic cycle of skin renewal. Unlike the conventional rough, grain-based scrub, this peeling gel can gently remove dead skin layers from the top skin layers. It improves rough surface and prevents pore clogging, restoring a soft and refined texture


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