Yoni bar (intimate lightening) picture

YONI BAR (Intimate lightening)

R 150

Yoni Bar
(Intimate cleansing bar)
Size: 140g

Our new 100% natural intimate cleansing soap bar contains yoni steam herbs to balance the ph of the intimate area. Excellent to use daily to freshen, reduce bad vaginal odor, sweat from daily busy activities. Used to soothe irritation from shaving, waxing or friction. Also great to use after hair removal or before keeping your skin and intimate areas clean and smooth.

This soap is also excellent to use under arms and for the buttocks area. Making you feel more comfortable and keeping u fresh and confident.

1. ğŸ¦ Vaginal Cleansing, 🦠Private Itching, 🦠Odor, 🦠Anti bacterial,🦠vaginal tightening
2. Leucorrhea, promote proper hormone function and balance the vaginal PH.
🧼Apply the soap to private parts and/underarms.
🧼Massage slightly 1-2 minutes, clean up with water.
if you feel any discomfort, discontinue using.

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