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Exfoliation - Let's be skin smart!

Sep 8, 2020
Exfoliation - Let's be skin smart! picture

Let's be skin smart!

Having healthy and glowing skin is always in fashion, but sometimes it feels totally unachievable.

Does it seem like your skin looks dry, dull or ashy no matter how much water you drink and moisturiser you apply? It's more than likely you need a good exfoliator to help it along...

What Exactly Does Exfoliating Do?

Exfoliating loosens and removes the dead skin cells that are still attached to your healthy new skin cells. The process is great for unclogging pores, getting rid of ingrown hairs, improving blood circulation and correcting skin texture issues. After dead skin cells are removed your skin is smoother and brighter, giving you that healthy glow we all crave. It also encourages your skin to produce more collagen, which means younger, plumper looking skin.

Think of exfoliating as preparing your face for the products you use on it. Once your pores have been cleaned, they are more open to fully absorb your moisturiser, anti-ageing creams or whatever else you have in your beauty routine, and so your skin really benefits from them.

Check out our variety of exfoliators/face and body scrubs which provide amazing results, as tried and tested by our entire glow tribe nationally. 

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