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Gluta 900000 Brightening Glutathione Supplement (10 satchets) On Sale

Gluta 900000 Brightening Glutathione Supplement (10 satchets)

R 550 Sale R 650

Nano Gluta 900000 Supplement is a lightening and anti-aging supplement composed of Glutathione, Raspberry Extract, Collagen, Salmon Placenta and Vitamin C to promote a lighter looking skin as well as reduce acne for a smooth, radiant complexion. The combination of these ingredients helps slow down ageing, improve skin elasticity and lighten the skin complexion.

How to Use Nano Gluta 900000 Supplement

Dissolve1 sachet powder in 100-150ml of water. Stir well with a spoon and drink in the morning before breakfast or before bedtime.


Salmon Fish Collagen -600,000mg, Salmon Placenta – 1000mg, L-Glutathione – 900,000mg, Vitamin C Extract – 1000mg, Raspberry Extract – 10000mg, Raspberry Extract – 10,000mg, Fiber – 10000mg, Mixed Berry Extract – 1000mg, Grape Seed Extract

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