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Gluta Glo Glutathione Capsules & Body Lotion On Sale

Gluta Glo Glutathione Capsules & Body Lotion

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GLUTA GLO IV in a pill GLUTATHIONE CAPSULES - 1650mg Glutathione blended with these 20 ingredients for skin, acne, nails, hair, and health



1: GLUTATHIONE: Brightens you from head to toe 

2: ALPHA LIPOIC ACID: keeps the Glutathione in your system

3: L-CYSTEINE:  lightens you fast

4: VITAMIN C: boosts Glutathione in your system

5: ZINC: is amazing for skin, hair and nails, absorbs  all the oils that cause Acne and stop hair loss

6: PINE BARK EXTRACT: UV resistance protects you from burning in the sun. 

7: VITAMIN B3 and NIACINAMIDE: For open pores, scars, dark spots, and dark circles.

8: MILK THISTLE:  helps to increase and maintain Glutathione

9: BETA-CAROTENE: speeds up healing of skin problems

10: NAC: Restores levels of Glutathione In ur system.

11: GRAPE SEED EXTRACT: for pigmentation

12: HESPERIDIN: fades visible dark spider veins.

13: CURCUMA LONGA EXTRACT turmeric: lightens, and treats eczema, psoriasis.

14: ROSEMARY EXTRACT: has natural antiseptic properties, it's a superior disinfectant for our skin and hair. 

15: MARINE COLLAGEN: anti-aging, fades wrinkles, tightens skin.

16: DENDROBIUM: for overall health, skin, hair, nails, and acne.

17: LYCOPENE: a tomato extract that is an antioxidant and powerful lightener that also fades pigmentation.

18: GLYCINE: amino acids boost antioxidants and collagen in your system so it works fast. Firms and tightens skin making you look young. Anti-aging 

19: MULBERRY EXTRACT: natural ingredient which is widely used for effective skin lightening and for dark circles.

20: LEMON: I'm sure we all know what lemon does for ur skin, it lightens and treats all skin problems including acne and pigmentations.

Take 2 glutathione pills with 2 vitamin c 1000mg pills for maximum results.

For younger brighter flawless skin, these 20 ingredients are all vitamins that naturally lighten and have many more benefits!

Best taken with our Vitamin C capsules for maximum absorption. 

Purchase vitamin C capsules here: https://www.shoptheglowsa.com/products/vitamin-c-1000-mg-supplement/




Lighten dark knees, knuckles, elbows, underarms and intimate areas. Our Body Lightening Lotion is specially formulated to help lighten these areas and give you a lighter, brighter and glowing look overall. 

It contains Glutathione to even out the skin tone and block melanin production. 

This lotion is suitable for all skin types and ethnicities and will leave your skin looking brighter and glowing.


  • Glutathione

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply twice a day. 

  • SIZE: 200ml
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