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R 300

Rich in hyaluronic acid and also contains pharmaceutical grade vitamin c 25% which makes this golden serum soothing, hydration boosting, anti aging, healing and gives skin a velvet feel.

This serum is:

•non greasy
•non oily
•not sticky
•no residue
•feels velvety
•non comedogenic
•water based
•for all skin types

Your skin may benefit with these ingredients that are known to:

Size: 30 ML
💦adds hydration
💧 1000x it’s weight in water
⛱️ protects skin from moisture loss
💡gives skin a glow
🪄prepare skin for moisturiser
🧴 apply before moisturiser for supple skin.
🧱Builds up your skin by promoting collagen
☔️Protects your skin from the sun and sun damage.
🔧Repairs damaged skin.
💆‍♀️Revitalizes tired, dull skin.
💡Brightening, healing and soothing.
🥗Feeds skin with nutrients.
🚰improves skins moisture and hydration .
🔑to healthy, glowing skin.
👵🏻Anti aging: keeps skin looking youthful.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦For woman and men of all ages and safe for all skin types.
⚗️Helps to heal scars caused by acne or breakouts.
👁‍🗨may help cream that reduces dark under eye circles.
🌬may assist creams creams that reduce the appearance of marks
🧯Reduces Inflammation (caused by breakouts and also puffiness on the face)
🌕helps heal sun damaged skin
🔗helps skins elasticity, lifting and tightening
🧖🏻‍♀️beautifies the skin by making it healthy, sparkling and fresh.
✨may assist in brightening.

A vitamin and hydration boosting serum that your skin will absolutely love, it absorbs beautifully leaving skin elastic, young, brighter and radiant.

Apply on skin before and moisturizer morning 🌞🌻and evening 🌙⭐️

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