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NEW! Kojic Arbutin De-Pigment Lip Lightening Balm

NEW! Kojic Arbutin De-Pigment Lip Lightening Balm

R 299

Easily the best lip lightening treatment on the market that actually works! With the huge success of our green lip and smokers lip lightening treatment we now have added to the potency of the lip balm for very deeply pigmented or very stubborn dark lips.

This putty like lip treatment is dynamite in a small jar, it is more potent, the vitamin powder is stronger and penetrates deeper into the layers of the lips to brighten and can also lighten dark lips. The duration of results is totally individual and this balm can completely reverse pigmentation on some lips, give a pinkish or reddish appearance to some lips (when used in combination with the red hot lips) and some lips might just fade to a lighter shade of their original lip colour (might take away the purple and bluish undertone and the lip remains a lighter brown ) but the longer you use it, the results and the appearance of the colour of the lips only get better.
With lighter and brighter lips our clients have reported that they only use lip balm when they go out because of the enhanced brightness of their natural lip shade making this lip lightening balm an absolute MUST TRY !

Caution: sensitive lips, lips that chap easily, very dry lips or any allergies to mulberry or berries.

If you have very dry lips, make sure you have an excellent hydrating lip treatment to use in combination. (Lip therapy balms like DCT or even the red hot lips or red lips that contain vitamin e treatment)

Mulberry extract, vitamin powder, alpha arbutin, kojic acid dipalmitate, licorice root extract, zinc oxide, hydrolyzed milk extract, emulsifier, citric acid, sorbitol, MP, PP, dimethicone, paraffin liquid, petrolatum, stearic acid, geranium oil, APS color pigment, sandalwood extract, carnauba wax, beeswax, polawax, parfum.

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