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Kojie San Kojic Acid body lotion

Kojie San Kojic Acid body lotion

R 850

Kojie San Body Skin Lightening Lotion 

Helps to lightens dark spots caused by acne,age spots and freckles and other skin pigmentation. kojie san body lightening lotion lightens and brightens the skin to reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin blemishes. Leaves skin feeling softer,moisturized,and wonderfully supple. Contains anti oxidants to fight UV damage, environmental damage, slows signs of aging .

This body milk lotion does wonders on the skin. Safe, ideal and beneficial . It contains a blend of nature ingredients. Kojic acid is known for its whitening/brightening effect and it helps to heal the scarred skin, smoothens and evens skin tone . It is infused with kojic acid, collagen and vitamin E for a youthful and healthy skin.

  • This advanced formula is believed to be safe, ideal and beneficial to evenly lighten/brighten skin.
  • It contains blend of natural ingredients - high grade Kojic Acid which is known for its excellent whitening effect and Rose Hip Oil to help heal, soothe irritated or scarred skin and even out skin tone discoloration.
  • It aids faster and even absorption so skin will be lightened in less time.
  • Infused with Collagen and Vitamin E for youthful and healthy skin.


Use Kojiesan Body Skin Lightening Lotion regularly after bath. Put lotion on the palm of your hands and apply gently on the skin surface. Massage carefully on skin.


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