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Lip Lightening Scrub (Beetroot Cherry)

Lip Lightening Scrub (Beetroot Cherry)

R 150

Lightening Lip Scrub
Beetroot cherry scrub

* To remove dry skin which helps to prevent chapped and dry lip
* To make lips soft and smooth
* To keep lips moist, reducing the frequency of soreness
* Evens out lip tone to minimise the appearance of discolouration
* To make your lipstick look better and stay on for longer
* Exfoliating your lips can prevent dehydration of the lips which may cause swelling, bleeding or dryness
* Helps remove dead skin cells and prepare lips for lighter lips balms.


Anhydrous dextrose, beetroot powder, cherry, jojoba, vitamin E acetate, Shea butter, saluguard BDHA

Directions for use:
1. Start with clean lips
2. Apply a small amount of lips scrub directly onto damp lips.
3. Massage or exfoliate for 2-3 mins
4. Wash off thoroughly.
5. Apply lip care directly afterwards.
6. Use 2-3x a week

Size: 20g

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