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Luminate Glutathione Duo: Supplements & Face Cream picture On Sale

Luminate Glutathione Duo: Supplements & Face Cream

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Luminate Glutathione Capsules




Each capsule contains

 Acerola 50 mgs: Acerola cherry boosts collagen production, astringent which tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of pores, can help speed up repairs of wounds, burns, scar tissues, and even fractures, fight against wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, laugh lines, dark spots, blemishes, etc If you regularly consume acerola cherries, you’ll notice that your skin will look whiter and brighter. Its tone will improve as well. You will get an even-looking skin tone, without odd discolourations and blemishes. Pigmentations, such as freckles and age spots, will also lighten up, adhering to your actual skin tone. All these will definitely make your skin look glowing and flawless. Skin problems like acne, psoriasis, and eczema are generally because of the lack of vitamin C in the skin. Since the acerola cherry naturally has a high vitamin C content, regular consumption of this superfood will help you out with those skin issues.

Vitamin C is very effective in clearing up acne as well as scars because of its ability to speed up the healing process and reduce redness. It also helps with relieving stress hormones, which is another cause of acne.

🧬 150mg  Alpha Lipoic Acid: can help reduce under-eye bags and facial puffiness, an excellent antioxidant, Its anti-inflammatory effects also help reduce visible redness and blotchiness, resulting in skin tone that appears more even and often making foundation unnecessary. ALA can help shrink the appearance of pores and impart a healthy, radiant-looking glow to the skin. Also stops pigment production from UV radiation.

⚗ 200mg N.A.C: n-acetyl cysteine: quick absorption of glutathione, works wonders for skin lightening and this potent ingredient is outstanding for complexion cosmetic complexion enhancement. It's extremely anti ageing


⭐ 100mg probiotics

✅reduces visible signs of ageing on your skin.

✅help prevent breakouts and purify your skin.

✅repairs skin and reduces sensitivity

✅in conjunction with Glutathione, promotes healthy glowing skin


🥬  800mgs L-Glutathione Reduce: Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant, well known for its amazing beautifying abilities making your skin flawless, even-toned, hair, skin nails and repairs anything you can think of being such a powerful antioxidant.

🌹 100mg Ribose: helps chronic fatigue promotes energy, relieves stress from muscles, may help restless legs syndrome and provide protection to the kidneys.

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Luminate Face Cream (Spot/Skin Corrector) (Day Use)

Luminate Day Cream is one of our BEST SELLERS. The day cream is lightweight and non-greasy suitable for all skin types. Known as a “Dark Spot Corrector” it contains liquorice, arbutin, carrot extract, mulberry, collagen And more active ingredients that give dull and ageing skin youth, elasticity, radiance, beauty and brightening.

Size: 50 Ml

How to use:
Apply a small amount lightly over the whole face and use SPF over it. May be used during the day or night.

DOES NOT contain bleach, hydroquinone, lead or mercury.

Always do a patch test first, remember all skin types are different, and discontinue if there are any allergic reactions.

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