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New Image Alpha Lipid Dinotabs Tablets x 120 On Sale

New Image Alpha Lipid Dinotabs Tablets x 120

R 989 Sale R 1,042

Strawberry Flavoured Chewable Tablets

Boost immunity & safeguard against germs and bugs.

Build strong teeth and bones.

Support great gut health.

Delicious, strawberry flavoured, chewable colostrum tablets in fun dinosaur shapes.

No artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours or preservatives.

Healthy Immunity & Gut Health:Colostrum supports digestion by providing nutrients that nourish a healthy digestive tract. Bovine colostrum is a rich, natural source of important immune factors including natural antibodies. These immune factors mean that colostrum will help your children cope with constant health threats.

Dental & Bone Health:Probiotics and proteins aid digestion, helping you feel more energised and balanced.

Your child’s immune system isn’t fully developed until the age of 7 or 8 years! Bovine colostrum contains important immune factors (antibodies) that may help your children to cope with the constant immune challenges they face.


  • 400mg Bovine Colostrum Powder
  • 215mg Calcium hydrogen phosphate
  • 50mg providing calcium (elemental)
  • Other Ingrediants: xylitol (sugar alcohol), stevia (sweetener)


Suck 2 tablets per day

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