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New Image Colostem Capsules On Sale
New Image Colostem Capsules
New Image Colostem Capsules
New Image Colostem Capsules
New Image Colostem Capsules
New Image Colostem Capsules
New Image Colostem Capsules
New Image Colostem Capsules

New Image Colostem Capsules

R 1,015 Sale R 1,065

Supporting healthy adult stem cells


Key features:

·Healthy ageing

·Support your body’s healing and repair process


Active Ingredients per dose:
400mg Bovine Colostrum powder

40mg Fucus vesiculosis (brown seaweed) extract containing Fucoidan
2.5g Polygonum cuspidatum providing:
25mg Resveratrol



Take 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach (at least 2 hours after eating).

Take 2 capsules at night about 1 /2 an hour before bedtime


*Many of us can get very overwhelmed by the shelves and shelves of supplements you can find at any health shop. We often find ourselves not buying anything out of the fear of buying the wrong thing or something that doesn't work.*

NEW IMAGE has simplified things for you. You can get a balanced, well-rounded supplement from their products

Supports every illness/condition

Support your immunity with 1600mg of *COLOSTRUM* containing 300mg of Immunoglobulins.
💥 *Improve your gut health & digestive comfort with 1 billion probiotics per dose.*
♦️ _Contains essential vitamins and minerals._
1,000mg of calcium for healthy teeth and bones.
✨ *Assists the body’s natural repair process.*

Best taken as a pre-breakfast cold drink or include it with your morning smoothie.

Colostrum’s natural antibodies build immunity through gut health.
🏃🏽‍♀🏃 *ENERGY*
Probiotics and proteins aid digestion, helping you feel more energised and balanced.
When you have the right balance of nutrients and a healthy digestive system to absorb them, your body and mind are naturally healthier and more focussed.

Ending your day with a capsule that assists your body in its natural process of cell renewal and regeneration. Adult stem cells act as a universal repair system and also maintain the regeneration of cells throughout your body. *Alpha Lipid™ Colostem™* supports this natural process, adding antioxidants and nutrients to *boost your immunity and leave your body feeling restored, healthy and protected.*

_Please always consult with your Dr. before stopping or starting any medication._

🗨️ _At the outset I must admit that when I ordered the colostrum powder and the colostem capsules I was sceptical about believing that it had as much benefits as mentioned in your advertisement._ 
I have been using the products for 3 months and have experienced the following:
*1) Improved blood sugar level.*

_2) I commenced daily exercise after a long time and have found that not only my energy is improving but my muscle strength also._

*3) I have also found that I fall asleep much easier and able to wake up much more rested than the past.*

_4) I suffer from Psoriasis and have found the affected areas on my skin have shown a dramatic improvement and are less irritable than in the past._

*5) I suffer from IBS and piles. Since using the products I have experienced drastic improvements and less bloating and IBS related issues. Even my piles has not flared up as much as it did in the past.*

_Overall these products have improved my general well being. Thank you for making these products available to us._
I look forward to placing my next order with you as these products have become a way of life for me.


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