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4 x No Grow Female Body - Half Leg Value Pack (Thighs Or Lower Leg) On Sale

4 x No Grow Female Body - Half Leg Value Pack (Thighs Or Lower Leg)

R 2,699 Sale R 3,620

Our 'Female Body -Half Leg Value Pack (Thighs or Lower Leg)' consists of:

4x No Grow Female Body Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor tubes.

No Grow Female Body Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor is a gentle and easy way to eliminate unwanted body hair. This unique formula neutralizes the hair roots to reduce future growth and should be added to your current hair removal routine.

This value pack has been put together based on the average number of tubes the majority of our customers use when treating half their legs i.e. lower leg or thighs. In some cases, customers may require an additional tube/s to complete the full course.

Note:We recommend pairing this product with the No Grow Soothing Gel, especially if you have sensitive skin.


This is a permanent hair removal solution (avoid areas where you want hair growth)
and do not use if you are using Roaccutane or any other acne medication.


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