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8 in 1 RAPID WHITE SERUM 30ML - Night Use

8 in 1 RAPID WHITE SERUM 30ML - Night Use

R 799

Rapid white serum

* Oil based
* Potent!
* More visible results
* Contains tranexamic 2.0
* Contains 7 additional lightening ingredients
* Can be used on the whole face
* Uses: pigmentation reduction, fades and heals acne scars, blemishes, pigmentation, dark marks, areas of hyperpigmentation
* Caution : sensitive and dry or dehydrated skin types

🤍 Neroli Anti fungal, useful for alleviating acne breakouts and skin irritation caused by microbe, helps to slow down signs of aging, fading off the dark spots caused by sun damage along with the wrinkles linked to free radical damage. It stimulates cell growth and cellular activity, which has a stimulating and regenerating effect on the skin, improve the blood circulation, keeping the skin healthy and encouraging collagen production that augments the skin’s elasticity
🤍 * tranexamic 2.0*
Tranexamic acid for the skin can act as a brightening agent to reduce dark spots and improve hyperpigmentation, Stronger skin barrier, Reduced discoloration after acne breakouts and sun damage,
🤍 Glycyrrhiza glabra root
licorice plant is Glycyrrhiza glabra root, which is what you’ll find as the key ingredient in our Brightening Serum. Glycyrrhizin is anti-inflammatory, which means less redness and irritation for inflamed, irritated skin. As an antioxidant, it protects our skin against free radicals.
🤍 * Mulberry (Morus Alba) Root Extract*
mulberries contain lots of anti-oxidants. These are very beneficial for controlling aging. They are well known and very effective anti-aging agents. Mulberry root not only stimulates collagen production, but it also has a strong brightening effect, lightening sun and age spots
🤍 Alpha Arbutin
Arbutin evens out and brightens skin tone, lightens darkened areas, and can help with the appearance of scars.
🤍 Beta Carotene
Vitamin c,vitamin A,Antioxidant, Anti septic, Repair of tissue and brightening skin.
🤍 * Salicylic acid*
Dissolve skin debris that clogs pores, [acts] as an anti-inflammatory, and also helps redness.
🤍 Lauric acid
Soothing, healing and balancing with antibacterial properties.

The most common effects include of tranexamic 0.2 include
* dryness
* irritation
* flaking
You can address dryness and flaking by always applying a rich moisturizer after using products with tranexamic acid. As for irritation, it often goes away after your skin adjusts to the ingredient.
When dryness, irritation, or flaking persist for more than a couple of weeks, it’s generally a good idea to stop using the product.

Size: 30ml

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