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Shalom Dark Knuckles Remover Treatment Oil 40ml (DAILY USE)

Shalom Dark Knuckles Remover Treatment Oil 40ml (DAILY USE)

R 399


  • step 1 - use a lightening soap twice a day
  • step 2 - exfoliate with a lightening scrub every second day
  • step 3 - use the anivat peeling cream for extremely dark areas for about 7 nights
  • step 4 - use this product daily (use in the morning and use peeling cream at night , with this product over it. Peeling cream should only be used for 7 nights or so. Do not use anivat peeling cream all over skin, only on the darker areas)


Shalom Dark Knuckle Removal Oil .

Original shalom oil , is a safe effective oil ,

-Helps to clear to dark knuckles

-does not irritate the skin

-No side effects

-can be applied morning and night

-Two weeks total clearance

-Proven results

-suitable for all skin type

-no side effects.

Apply to affected area twice daily morning and at night after bath. Dark knees, elbows, toes, knuckles, and other discoloured areas.


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