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Tayyib Healing Qustul Hind
Tayyib Healing Qustul Hind

Tayyib Healing Qustul Hind

R 200

Qustul Hind

Top remedy for the following:

nerve weakness

high and low blood pressure

covid and it’s breathing difficulties,

for blood purification,


hair growth or Hairfall,

diabetes, circulation,

parasites, psoriasis,

headaches, IBS, libido, menstrual pains

The powder can also be burned and inhale the smoke to open up the airways.


Qustul hind is a cure for 7 different ailments as mentioned in the Hadeeth Sharief.

Treats Fever

Reduces fat

Fights infection

It reduces inflammation and pain as well

It treats skin diseases

It can improve hair growth

Removes toxins from the body

Skin diseases like itching and eczema


Low immunity and cold cough

Intestinal parasites

Irregular and painful periods and scanty menses

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