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Turmeric & Glutathione Brightening Shower Scrub

Turmeric & Glutathione Brightening Shower Scrub

R 550

R & D Care Tumeric & Glutathione shower scrub gently exfoliates to help unclog pores, revive skin radiance, and helps reduce melanin and gives your skin a glowing, brighter and smoother feel.


Fine-grained salt and natural extracts consist mostly  of sodium chloride, water, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamide DEA and cocamidipropyl betaine. And it also acts as the perfect scrub for you skin with the following special abilities


1.Makes your complexion lighter, fresher and silky smooth.


2. Reduces facial acne and bodily rashes.


3. Helps reduce dark skin on the abdomen, underarms, or wherever needed.


4.Helps make the skin firmer while stimulating circulation of the blood. Natural herbal aromatic scents have a relaxing effect.


How to use:

  • After taking a bath, thoroughly exfoliate body skin with the shower scrub
  • Leave it for 10 - 15mins or as desired, then rinse with clean water.


  • Smoothens and clears the skin
  • Leaves the skin smooth, soft, and wrinkle free
  • Does not bleach
  • Helps reduce melanin
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • 700g
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