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15 ingredients for skin, nails,hair and health enhancement.


Glutathione :1650mg

1: GLUTATHIONE: brightens/lightens from head to toe​
2: ALPHA LIPOIC ACID: keeps the Glutathione In your system​
3: L-CYSTEINE: lightens/brightens you fast,​
4: VITAMIN C: boosts Glutathione in your system​
5: ZINC: is amazing for skin, hair and nails, absorbs all the oils that cause acne and stops hair loss​
6: PINE BARK EXTRACT: UV resistant protects you from burning in the sun.​
7: VITAMIN B3 AND NIACINAMIDE: For open pores, scars, dark spots and dark circles.​
​8: MILK THISTLE, helps to increase and maintain Glutathione​
9: BETA-CAROTENE, speeds up healing of skin problems​
10: NAC restores levels of Glutathione in your system.​
11:GRAPE SEED EXTRACT: for pigmentation
12:HESPERIDIN : fades visible dark spider veins.​
13: CURCUMA LONGA EXTRACT turmeric: lightens, and treats eczema, psoriasis.​
14:ROSEMARY EXTRACT: has natural antiseptic properties, it's a superior disinfectant for our skin and hair.​
15: COLLAGEN : anti-aging, fades wrinkles, tightens skin. For younger brighter flawless skin​

Best taken with our Vitamin C capsules for maximum absorption. 


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