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Glutathione Plus Anti-Aging with Collagen picture On Sale

Glutathione Plus Anti-Aging with Collagen

R 750 Sale R 790

Collagen decreases in the body with age, showing visible signs in your skin, which becomes less firm and supple.  The addition of Collagen in Glutathione Plus allows the regeneration of your skin, hair, skeleton, muscles, and organs, promoting health and reducing the signs of ageing.


Immune Booster

Skin Lightener


60 capsules

Each dose contains

L-Glutathione (premium/reduced)  2000 mg and 

Collagen 400 mg

Supplement Facts

IngredientsPer dose (2 capsules)Per capsule
L-Glutathione 98% (premium/reduced)2000 mg1000 mg
Collagen400 mg200 mg

Glutathione Plus supplies the body with an increased level of L-Glutathione daily, accelerating the desired results.

Using Glutathione Plus boosts the immune system, promotes healthy skin and has the effect of lightening the skin. Your skin quality is drastically improved, translating into a healthy glow, and a reduction in wrinkles and dry spots.

Increased levels of L-Glutathione reduces melanin production which directly affects skin colour. This reduction results in lighter and even skin tone. Using the L-Glutathione premium, results in your body readily absorbing it and effectively boosting glutathione levels


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