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Glutathione Rosehip Soap On Sale

Glutathione Rosehip Soap

R 150 Sale R 180

This amazing gentle yet powerful exfoliating soap contains pure Rosehip granules. Super lightening natural bleaching properties your skin will be treated with Rosehip, apricot, glutathione and grape seed. Keeps skin fresh, supple and absolutely glowing! If you’re looking for a soap that will instantly give your skin radiance Rosehip is always the answer! Gently fades marks!

* cleansing
* anti dark spot, anti pigmentation.
* gentle and pure.
* Anti bacterial.
* High in vitamin c.
* Contains glutathione.
* For healthy, clean and brighter skin.
100 grams

Rose Oil, Rosehip, apricot, Glutathione

Size : 100g

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