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3 x Gluta Glo Enhanced Glutathione Supplement On Sale

3 x Gluta Glo Enhanced Glutathione Supplement

R 1,699 Sale R 1,950

3 x Gluta Glo Enhanced 


GLUTA GLO IV in a pill GLUTATHIONE CAPSULES - 1650mg Glutathione blended with these 20 ingredients for skin, acne, nails, hair, and health



⭕1: GLUTATHIONE: Brightens you from head to toe 

⭕2: ALPHA LIPOIC ACID: keeps the Glutathione in your system

⭕3: L-CYSTEINE:  lightens you fast

⭕4: VITAMIN C: boosts Glutathione in your system

⭕5: ZINC: is amazing for skin, hair and nails, absorbs  all the oils that cause Acne and stop hair loss

⭕6: PINE BARK EXTRACT: UV resistance protects you from burning in the sun. 

⭕7: VITAMIN B3 and NIACINAMIDE: For open pores, scars, dark spots, and dark circles.

⭕8: MILK THISTLE:  helps to increase and maintain Glutathione

⭕9: BETA-CAROTENE: speeds up healing of skin problems

⭕10: NAC: Restores levels of Glutathione In ur system.

⭕11: GRAPE SEED EXTRACT: for pigmentation

⭕12: HESPERIDIN: fades visible dark spider veins.

⭕13: CURCUMA LONGA EXTRACT turmeric: lightens, and treats eczema, psoriasis.

⭕14: ROSEMARY EXTRACT: has natural antiseptic properties, it's a superior disinfectant for our skin and hair. 

⭕15: MARINE COLLAGEN: anti-aging, fades wrinkles, tightens skin.

⭕16: DENDROBIUM: for overall health, skin, hair, nails, and acne.

⭕17: LYCOPENE: a tomato extract that is an antioxidant and powerful lightener that also fades pigmentation.

⭕18: GLYCINE: amino acids boost antioxidants and collagen in your system so it works fast. Firms and tightens skin making you look young. Anti-aging 

⭕19: MULBERRY EXTRACT: natural ingredient which is widely used for effective skin lightening and for dark circles.

⭕ 20: LEMON: I'm sure we all know what lemon does for ur skin, it lightens and treats all skin problems including acne and pigmentations.

Take 2 glutathione pills with 2 vitamin c 1000mg pills for maximum results.

For younger brighter flawless skin, these 20 ingredients are all vitamins that naturally lighten and have many more benefits!

Best taken with our Vitamin C capsules for maximum absorption. 

Purchase vitamin C capsules on this website under vitamins category 


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