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LAZEL GLUTA PURE (30 soft gels)
LAZEL GLUTA PURE (30 soft gels)
LAZEL GLUTA PURE (30 soft gels)

LAZEL GLUTA PURE (30 soft gels)

R 650

Lazel Gluta Pure is a dietary supplement that is a powerhouse of health benefits. Its core selling point is its ability to speed up the skin whitening process 100 times faster, making it just as (if not more) effective as a gluta drip when taken continuously. 

The Lazel Gluta Pure softgels have a 2-in-1 capacity — helping you lose weight and whitening your skin. Each softgel is packed with pure glutathione, an antioxidant that is naturally found in our bodies that helps lighten the complexion, fight free radicals, prevent signs of aging, and unleash the skin’s natural glow. 

Because of its richness in antioxidant properties, Lazel Gluta Pure softgels can stimulate our bodies to speed up the skin regeneration process. Hence, continuous and regular consumption can result to visible skin color change in as little as 4-12 weeks. 

Aside from skin whitening, Lazel Gluta Pure also boasts of a chock-full of other health benefits, such as: 

  • Cleansing our bodies of toxins
  • Supporting normal mood and decreasing stress
  • Reducing oxidative stress
  • Promoting healthy inflammatory responses
  • Fighting free radicals caused by environmental stressors (which are responsible for rapid aging)
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Supporting liver, cellular, and cardiovascular health
  • Promoting immune system strength

A packet of Lazel Gluta Pure contains 30 softgels, each packed with 15,000 mg of pure glutathione and 3,000 mg of alpha lipoic. What are these, you ask? Here’s what these ingredients do for your body:

  • Pure glutathione – A natural antioxidant produced in cells that comprises of three amino acids: glutamine, glycine, and cysteine. Its main function is to reduce oxidative stress — effectively helping your body fight off free radical production and protecting your skin from signs of aging, sun damage, and other major conditions. Studies have also found that glutathione’s ability to balance out oxidative stress can help ward off diseases like diabetes and cancer.
  • Alpha Lipoic – An organic compound naturally produced by your body that acts as a powerful antioxidant that promotes weight loss, reduces inflammation, lowers blood sugar levels, and slows skin aging.
  • The best thing about this whitening and dietary supplement is ease in use. You don’t have to worry about adding more minutes to your skincare routine or ending up late for work because you had to stop and apply it topically.

Using Lazel Gluta Pure is as easy as taking it orally with a cup of water. The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 softgels daily, preferably on an empty stomach.

For better and faster results, you can also pair your Lazel Gluta Pure intake with Frozen Collagen Supplements, which is an anti-aging and complexion-boosting supplement for a brighter and youthful complexion.

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